Burger Factory – Bangkok

It’s been several weeks since I had a hamburger, so I decided to try out one of the latest additions to Bangkok’s growing burger scene, Burger Factory. The restaurant is located on Ekamai Soi 10, which is a fair hike from the Skytrain. It’s in the little on-again off-again arcade next to the big Healthland massage complex.

The restaurant’s design aims for industrial chic to go with its name, but they may have overshot the mark a little, with it being a bit more chic than industrial. Still, it’s comfortable, which is what really matters.

Burger Factory

The industrial chic interior of Burger Factory

The menu consists mostly of burgers – duh – and there are a little more than half a dozen to choose from, including fish and vegetarian. I went with their signature Burger Factory burger, with cheese, bacon, grilled onions and "BF Sauce" which I think was just thousand island dressing. You have the option of French fries, curly fries or potato salad to go with your burger. I decided to try something different and went with the potato salad.

Burger Factory Burger

The Burger Factory signature hamburger

The burger was served open-faced, with the bacon laid on top in two long strips. The photo shows my burger after completing ‘assembly’. The first taste was quite good, and also resulted in a big splat of juice onto the plate. Although the beef taste wasn’t strong, it was still a good burger. My main complaint was that I had ordered the burger cooked well-done. I know I’m a bad person, but I can’t stand nearly raw beef. The burger I got was medium, at best.

Curiously, the potato salad had the same problem. The potatoes were, for the most part, seriously under-cooked, almost raw. The salad was very bland tasting, as potato salad can be. Fortunately they place a pepper mill on the table after you order, so a little fresh ground pepper improved the taste quite a bit.

I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Burger Factory again, but if I was in the neighborhood I’d definitely consider a repeat visit. The burgers start at just under 300 Baht and can get much more expensive than that. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. They don’t have a web site but you can find them on Facebook.

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