Kwong Sang House – Penang

Kwong Sang house is a small little cafe just down the street from the Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. The restaurant is in an old shop-house that used to be a tailor shop, and they’ve retained a number of dress-making elements in the design and decoration. An old sewing machine greets you as you enter and bolts of silk line the front of the counter.

The menu at Kwong Sang is mainly international with a heavy bent towards pizza and pasta. They had several interesting things, but I wanted something light so I went for the vegetarian pasta.

Vegetarian Pasta

Vegetarian Pasta from Kwong Sang House

The pasta was cooked just right, and the overall flavor was good. The vegetables were a tad overcooked for my taste, but I like them almost raw.

Prices at Kwong Sang seem to be about average for Penang restaurants, at around 20 Ringgit for most dishes. They have some set menus as well. The restaurant is open daily from noon to 11:00 pm. They are just about a block down from the Cheong Fatt Tze house on Leith Street.

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