Picture of the Day – What a Difference a Week Makes

Yesterday (Wednesday) I returned back to my home on Ladprao Road in Bangkok. I had visited it briefly on Monday, and while the water level was down, it was still knee-deep in parts. So I was surprised when I came back a couple days later to find the street almost dry except for a few puddles on the side streets.

Pawana intersection

The Pawana intersection near my home on 10 November

As you can see from the two pictures, all of the water was gone within a week. It went from knee-deep at the intersection to dry. When I returned home, they even had city workers out scrubbing down the street to remove the pond scum that had accumulated.

Pawana Intersection

The same view of the same intersection on 17 November

This whole situation has been unpredictable, but it really does look like it’s almost over. As for the disease fears, it looks like they may not materialize. It’s not like the water was siting for very long. Most of the flooding I saw was moving rather quickly.

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One comment on “Picture of the Day – What a Difference a Week Makes
  1. Maria says:

    Incredible photos – thanks for using the same vantage point, think that helps to highlight the extremes.

    Hope your family/friends have weathered it with as few issues as possible.