Tum Kitchen – Bangkok

Tum Kitchen is located in the Baan Silom arcade, on lower Silom not far from the Surasak Skytrain Station. The restaurant sports a light cream-and-white interior along French-country lines. The menu offers a wide selection of Thai dishes from all around Thailand, including some not normally found in Bangkok.

Among the more unusual dishes on offer was Khao Soy, a spicy curry noodle soup that is almost synonymous with Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, but isn’t very common in Bangkok. It is one of my favorite noodle dishes, so I had to order it.

Khao Soy

The khao soy from Tum Kitchen

The dish looked good when served, and was accompanied by all the standard condiments, such as roasted chili sauce, chopped shallots and lime. It tasted really good as well, with all the spice and subtlety that should mark the disk. It was a little lighter on meat content (pork, in this case) than is usual for the dish in Chiang Mai, but that’s a very minor complaint.

At 80 Baht, the price was quite reasonable. Other menu items were similarly priced, making Tum Kitchen highly recommended for lunch or dinner.

The restaurant doesn’t have a web site or Facebook page. The closest Skytrain station is Surasak.

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