Postcard from Phnom Penh – 2011

Phnom Penh Post Office
Classic architecture, cars and motorcycles – Phnom Penh Post Office

Seems like I’ve written at least one post a year praising Phnom Penh. My most recent stop-over in the city was on my way back from my first visit to Battambang, and I have to say that Phnom Penh continues to change. As I wrote last year, the city is modernizing at a blindingly fast pace. The biggest change I noted this time was the worsening traffic, and the near over-population of motorcycles. A lot of these seem to be devoted to taxi services, as you can’t step out of your hotel or walk three steps without being assailed by shouts of "taxi!" As in most other cities around the region with a surfeit of transportation operators, it doesn’t matter how many of them you say "no" to, the one next to him will always give it a try.

Now, all the things I like about Phnom Penh are still true, but the place has lost some of its "chill" factor. However, you can still relax in a restaurant or pub along the quay, and the city still has some of the best food in Southeast Asia. Together with the wonderful array of coffee shops, Phnom Penh is still one of my favorite places spend a few days relaxing.

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