Pinoy Grill Cafe – Kuching

I arrived in Kuching tired and a little hungry after a long day of travel. The thing I hate about arriving in a strange city at night is that it’s hard to get your bearings and figure out where things are before you have to start searching for a place to eat. Fortunately, I made a good choice for a place to stay, and there were a number of options nearby. Unfortunately, I turned the wrong way outside the hotel and headed down the street away from where most of the restaurants were. Pinoy was the first place I found that looked interesting.

Pinoy Fiesta Restaurant
The shop front of Pinoy Grill Cafe

Pinoy Grill Cafe, as the name implies, serves the food of the Philippines. It’s probably the only Filipino restaurant in Kuching. For that matter, it’s the only one I’ve run across in Malaysia. The eatery is run by a Filipino family and offers authentic food from the Philippines. I decided to try the Tap Silog, marinated beef with rice and a fried egg.

The restaurant was extremely dark, so I didn’t get a good picture of the dish. I took the exterior shot later in my visit, so I’d have something to post! It was simply served on a banana leaf in a woven plate. The beef was pleasantly spicy. It went well with both the rice and fried egg. It was a rather small meal, but I wasn’t that hungry, so it satisfied just right for me. The waitress did suggest I order a side-vegetable dish, so the staff are quite good at suggesting what people might need to order to have a full meal.

Pinoy Grill Cafe is open daily for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is on Padungan Road near the police station.

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