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See Fah was first opened in the 1930s, easily making it one of the oldest restaurants in Bangkok. Now operated by the grandchildren of the original founder, the new generation has, in recent years, expanded the restaurant from a few branches to nearly 20 outlets around Bangkok. I decided to give the one in Siam Square a try recently, as I haven’t eaten at See Fah for a long time.

Fried Rice with Red Pork
Fried Rice with Red Pork at See Fah restaurant.

The Siam Square branch of See Fah, one of the company’s oldest branches, is best described as a family style restaurant. The large, two-floor dining room can accommodate large groups, but on a typical weekday lunch there’s usually a lot of small groups of two to four, as well as quite a few single businessmen grabbing a quick lunch. The decor has a nice, craftsman-like simplicity. The often over-looked second floor dining room is especially bright and cheery, with views out over the treetops of the square, isolating you a bit from the traffic jam that always clogs the drive.

The menu at See Fah is typical of family style Thai restaurants – everything but the kitchen sink – and it’s worth noting that not all of it is in English. Only the house specialties are shown in English (with pictures) while the bulk of the menu is in Thai only, so See Fah would be a good place to bring your Thai friends along.

For my meal I selected a simple dish of rice stir-fried with roasted red pork (moo daeng in Thai). It was a very mild dish, but the portion was good and it was a very satisfactory light meal. Judging by the number of Thai diners at See Fah, you can take it that the food is ‘authentic’ Thai.

See Fah is open every day for lunch and dinner. Hours will vary slightly by location. See Fah is a relatively inexpensive place to eat. Lunch for one will run you around 150 Baht. Visit the See Fah web site for more information, but note that it’s mostly in Thai only.

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