The Garage Burger & Grill – Bangkok

Despite the long presence of the American fast food brands, real hamburgers are still something of a rarity in Bangkok. However, there are a growing number of places where you can get an old-fashioned hamburger; enough to spark a number of "best burgers in Bangkok" lists. The Garage usually figures on most of these lists.

Garage Restaurant
The interior of the Garage Burger & Grill, Bangkok

Located on the second floor of All Seasons Place, not far from the Conrad Hotel, Garage has been around for a while. Although housed in a modern style shopping mall, the restaurant sports a theme true to its name, right down to the license plates on the wall and booths fashioned from van seats.

Garage Bacon Cheeseburger
The Bacon Cheeseburger from Garage Burger & Grill

While burgers are the Garage’s main claim to fame, the restaurant does have pasta and other dishes on the menu. However, for my long-delayed first visit, there was no way I was going to order anything other than a burger.

My bacon cheeseburger certainly looked like one of Bangkok’s best hamburgers, and tasted the part as well. The beef was full of flavor, cooked just the way I like it (they do ask you) and while not too dry, it didn’t require gobs of napkins to clean up after, or fall apart in the bun. The potato wedges served on the side were quite good as well.

Garage certainly deserves it’s reputation for good hamburgers. Expect to pay around 300 Baht for a burger and a drink. You can get more information from the Garage Burger & Grill web site (Note: On 14 November 2010 I was alerted that the Garage web site has been marked as dangerous. Apparently it’s been infected by some web worm. Please exercise caution if you follow the link.)

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3 comments on “The Garage Burger & Grill – Bangkok
  1. Thanks for the review. The bun looks pretty plastic (in a bad way)? But what’s in between looks very delicious, and I want to try the place now.
    Do you know of other good burger places in Bangkok?

  2. michael says:

    In the tropics, it’s hard to bake things and not get that plastic sheen. It’s the humidity.
    Other burger places I’ve reviewed are Duke’s Express and the Water Library (not a burger place, but they do make an awesome one). The Black Swan at Asoke BTS does an impressive looking burger, although I haven’t sampled it myself, and I’m still waiting to see if Triple O’s will come back. I didn’t get a chance to try it before they set fire to Central World.

  3. Yudee says:

    I will try this place and feel them myself first!!

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