Toke Restaurant – Candidasa, Bali

I rarely eat Indian food in my travels. I like it, but it’s a cuisine that’s often best enjoyed with a group of people, and I usually work alone. But Toke was too interesting to pass up, and the menu was a bit more oriented to individual diners.

Dining Pavilion at Toke Restaurant
One of the dining pavilions at Toke Restaurant in Candidasa

Toke is near the west end of the main restaurant strip in central Candidasa. The restaurant is set in a large garden and also has a bar area. The decor is mostly Balinese with a few ‘Indian’ touches. These come close to being a bit over the top, but it’s still a comfortable place to dine. There’s even a large window into the kitchen so you an watch your meal being prepared.

Chicken Masala
Chicken Masala at Toke Restaurant in Candidasa

Toke is primarily an Indian restaurant, although the menu also includes some local Indonesian and international dishes. I chose the chicken masala for my meal. The portion was quite generous, and the taste very good. The chicken was in a thick sauce full of spicy flavor. The meal was so good, I decided to try dessert. The black rice pudding sounded good. The dish is one of my favorites in Thailand, but this was the ‘Balinese’ version. It had a very earthy taste that countered the sweetness rather nicely.

My meal at Toke was under 100,000 Rupiah (about US$10). The restaurant offers free wi-fi to customers before 6:00 pm. Visit the Toke Restaurant web site for directions and additional information.

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