Paragon Cineplex

Although officially opened on 9 December, only about half of the shops and attractions at Siam Paragon were actually ready at that time. Amonth the late entrants was the cineplex, which just opened on 26 January.

Or rather, started to open. Only four or five of the 16 screens the cineplex will eventually have on offer were opened. The rest are being finished one by one, with another theater being added every week or two. An IMAX theater will also be included in the set of offerings.

The Paragon Cineplex is operated by the Major Cineplex Group, but like most everything else in Siam Paragon, the 'quality' — and price — of the experience is supposed to be at a higher level than elsewhere in town, so you won't see the Major brand anywhere around Paragon Cineplex. Ticket prices for 'regular' (non-digital) films is 140 Baht, which is 20 to 40 Baht higher than other theaters.

The main lobby of the cineplex is located on the fifth floor of Siam Paragon, although you can also book tickets at a booth just inside the main entrance from the Skytrain station on the first floor. The main lobby is definitely impressive, with large video displays showing the day's show times, plush seating, and a lot of ushers to 'assist' you. However, on the day I visited, they had someone constantly speaking on a loudspeaker promoting something. The volume was so painfully loud I couldn't even focus on what it was they were promoting.

Fortunately, once you escape to the sixth floor, where most of the open theaters are located, the sound quickly fades away. The theaters are large, with rows of well over 20 seats and no center aisle. The rows are rather well spaced and I was able to cross my legs comfortably. Seats are wide and comfortable, but the arm-rests cannot be raised, making this a less than attractive 'date' theater.

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